Queenstown and Wanaka provide the best skiing in New Zealand with world-famous ski resorts including Coronet PeakThe RemarkablesCardrona and Treble Cone.

Skiers of all abilities need the correct equipment to fully enjoy the slopes. Beginners require skis to suit just as an advanced skier will select skis based on their aggression and style.

Skis come in all different shapes and sizes. Some are perfect for easy leisurely sunny piste skiing at Coronet Peak while others will take you steep and deep at Treble Cone.

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What makes a ski good?

Like everything on the planet, you get what you pay for. Cheaper skis generally have a lesser build quality that can affect their durability and performance.

So more expensive skis are better then? Err well yes and no. When choosing skis for your trip to Queenstown and Wanaka it is important to take your ability and type of skiing into account.


What is the difference between a beginner ski and an advanced ski?

If it is your first time on the snow then make sure you are selecting beginner skis. You are probably going to be hiring skis in Queenstown, so it is important to find the ski package is the ‘best’ ski for you. There are cheaper skis for those on a budget which will do a great job but for the best beginner ski it is always worth upgrading to something like Snopro’s performer skis. Having something a little less basic will do wonders for your technique and confidence. 

Better skiers can start to think about different aspects of what makes a good ski. Better build quality can make a ski last longer and provide more performance.

Materials used on the base of the ski can affect the speed of a ski and how well it retains wax. The design of the ski will also make a ski better, for example, a stiffer flex ski will be more stable at high speed.

The increased price of a ski usually points towards higher performance, just like a car. While a Ferrari is generally considered better than a Mazda you wouldn’t put a learner driver into a Ferrari or drive it off-road. In fact, taking a Ferrari off road would make it a bad car, the same as if you take a race ski off-piste. Neither is going to be fun when wedged between a rock and an icy ditch.


What are the different types of ski?

Frontside/Piste Skis – Usually considered a more traditional ski. They are perfect for skiing groomers and can be used by all abilities. Beginners will require a nice soft flex ski while advanced riders will prefer a stiffer set up to cope with high speed.

All Mountain Ski – All-mountain skis are the popular all-purpose type of ski that handles a little bit of fresh in the morning before ripping groomers all afternoon. They often look very similar to a frontside ski but are a little wider throughout to help with variable conditions.

Freeride/Off-piste Skis – They can be a lot of ski to handle but when conditions are right it’s a different game. Freeride skis are designed for fun in deep snow. There is plenty to see here with width and length employed to give maximum surface area allowing you to float above the snow. Hard to ski on groomers but not impossible ?

Freestyle/Park Skis – Park skis always have a twin-tip feature meaning it can slide forwards and backwards, similar to a snowboard. Naturally, this means you can (but don’t have to) ski backwards. They are designed for tricks and can be challenging at high speed. Many all mountain skis include twin-tips now so you really can go anywhere.

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What are the best skis for Coronet Peak?

Frontside/Piste skis. There is plenty of skiing to be done here but with lower altitude and snow gun coverage it is handy to have some good edges to ski the groomers at Coronet Peak.


What are the best skis for The Remarkables?

All Mountain. Lots of piste skiing to be had here but you can also find a few sneaky off-piste lines so it is useful to have an all-rounder to explore The Remarkables.


What are the best skis for Cardrona?

Freestyle/Park. If you are looking to snake through the immaculate terrain park at Cardrona then grab yourself some park skis. There are options for first-time freestylers all the way up to the professional riders.


What are the best skis for Treble Cone?

Freeride/Off-Piste. When conditions are on point, Treble Cone has ample sidecountry off-piste to explore. You’ll need something substantial to negotiate the chutes, gullies and rocks.


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