Snopro - New Look, Same Service

Snopro - New Look, Same Service

Snopro is approaching its 10th year in 2020.

Nearly 11 years since the first incarnation of the logo was created.

Now, having proven itself as an established business, it feels the right time to update Snopro.

Introducing the new look Snopro.


Snopro has grown up.

Originally an idea that sat on the pages of a scrapbook, the business negotiated infancy, overcame challenges in adolescence and now as we enter business maturity we feel it is the perfect time to reassess the way we appear to our audience. Being careful not to lose the essence of where we have come from.

Like a ski bum who’s growing up a little, but in his heart, there’s still nothing better than being out on the hill with buddies.  

Snopro has come a long way since the first logo was thought up, and hey it’s still pretty recognizable even it’s straight out the noughties.  




We sat down with founder, Justin Worth, to discuss the evolution

That’s the very 1st logo I created back in 2009 (above), 2 years before I had the guts to start Snopro.

Snopro was started on a meagre budget like most new businesses.

Running out of a home.

Engaging with a professional design company like Feast Creative, who worked on the new design, was simply not in the budget at the beginning. 

You find 'a guy' who does a bit on the side and get a logo and hope the concept has legs.

2020 Snopro is in its 10th year and the concept is now proven.

It's time to mature and 'simplify' the look, keeping the 'green' as a nod to the old and moving ahead with an idea that was always in my mind, explains Justin.

Alongside the logo, the strapline also had to change. In fact, back in 2011, our vehicles displayed a combination of mottos: 'Skis, Boards, More, Right to your door' and 'Skis, Boards and Service Delivered'. Whilst you can get skis and boards from any rental store, our USP is definitely the service.

The new (left) and old (right) pictured side by side

3 arrows pointing to a centre, customer-centric service, also form a snowflake. The 3 arrows represent delivery, support and collection and double to mean skis, boards and service - delivered.  The new strapline as it IS the service we deliver that customers love.


What can you remember about your first delivery?

2011 snow year was one of the worst starts, mountains all had delayed openings.

Mountain staff were even given care packages from the salvation army.

I really doubted my decision to sell the family home and buy a van, ski gear and start a winter-based business.  

Deliveries started to trickle in though and when the mountain opened we had a delivery on the first day.

I delivered to 310 people that year myself, then the next 2 years after that a further 1500 people. 

 Snopro-scene-newspaperThe early days, Justin featured in Scene in his baggy pants!

It became too much for just me and in 2014 we 'staffed up'. I left the deliveries to focus on the business, we have delivered to over 15000 people now and I still see some names I recognise from the 1st 3 years when I did all the deliveries. 

I love seeing that.

In fact, we had a driver deliver skis and a 'thank you' bottle of wine to an original customer this month.  

The customers who were willing to take a punt on a new concept ran by an owner-operator I really value. 

They love the service, return and tell others.

Early days were madness though. Newborn, home business, deliver skis, collect, tune late into the night, deliver again, all orders manually input.


What do you still recognize in the company from that first delivery to today?

Customer response for sure.

Even though the business has grown the service has not diminished, in fact, increased and the customers delight in having a Snopro Tech, deliver, fit, chat and offer pointers in their living room while guests drinking a wine.

Its why the staff come back, they feel they are making a difference by providing 'rockstar' service.

The old and the new. Damien (left) comes to run our Wanaka branch every season.


What do you think has changed? 

Digital adoption.

In the early days, half my customers were 'anti-web bookings' and required me to enter all info over a phone call. 

As recent as 2011 phones were still called 'smartphones' as only a small percentage had them.

We did not have the internet available unless we sat at a net-cafe or opened our desktops.

Phone orders slowed our business and the taking of information could result in mistakes.

Snopro early on realised the huge surge in mobile use and adapted its website ahead of the curve to be 'mobile-first' for user experience. 

People have no reservations in reserving online and have adopted the digital age completely - this helps our efficiency.


 Technology keeps the vans on the road ready for everything customers can throw at us


You chose coming up to 10 years for the brand refresh, what do the next 10 years hold? 

Snopro will no longer be a cool concept but seen as the 'Uber' for ski rental!

The new way of doing it. 

Proven to be better.

There was an Italian restaurant owner one day that pondered how could he deliver a hot pizza direct to the dining rooms of customers?  Ordering Pizza now the norm; going out for ski rental? Why?

We will continue to optimize every process.

Justin still keeps an eagle eye on everything, making sure it's perfect, even the new van graphics

Our new software, Select a Ski 2.0, is in development to improve consistency and speed.

Like a self check-in at the airport, our software will guide the staff to prepare orders with little training.

We can spend time working with customers and staff too, creating opportunities for staff in the business to return and develop their skills


The new Snopro.



But, err, the same as ever!


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